Klagetoh Rendition #PAK 405

Hand woven Wool Rug


10' x 14' above

9' x 12'

 8' x 10' 

5' x 7' or 4'x6' 


Call Wendy 505.503.7276 for current availablility. Rugs maybe pre-ordered

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Klagetoh Rendition #PAK 405  Close-up size 10''x14' above


Sizes: 5'x7', 6'x9', 8'x10', 9x12', 10'x14'


Proportions change with the dimensions of each rug



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10' x 14' Close-up Above  more accurate photo representation of the red

Above Close-up of this 10' x 14' rug

Klagetoh Renditon #PAK 405 close-up

Hand woven Wool Rug


Size 6' x 9' above

Call Wendy at 505-503-7276 for pricing and current availability in any size. You may pre-order in any designated sizes.


These are hand woven Wool Rugs. Imported wool flat weave dhurries. Completely reversible, natural dyes, natural wool colors made in a superior quality extra tight durable weave. 100% wool.


Call Wendy for current availablity in any size:

505.503.7276  Email questions


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Close-up of Size 6'x9'


Call Wendy:  505-503-7276


I can email photos to you of current selections in the size(s) you need, as each rug is unique.

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Shades of the reds and greys will vary from rug to rug as these use all natural wool shades and natural dyes.



6' x 9'       8' x 10'

9x12'     10' x 14'


Or pre-0rder in the size you need. Hand made rugs; not all sizes are available at any given time.


Call Wendy for current availablity in any size:


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