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Custom Furniture Order Information

Custom Furniture has been discontinued

Spanish Colonial Furniture

At Perfect Furnishings for You, we offer quality, durable hand tooled furniture, doors, custom built for you, the way you like, in Spanish Colonial styles, New Mexico and  Southwestern styles or a style of your choice.

Custom Orders: 

Most of the pieces you see on the site were custom built for our customers in the past. They are sample styles. The pieces you see usually have no dimensions or prices listed since they were "Custom Order" pieces and are in private homes or businesses. You can have any of these styles made or changed how you would like them to be. They can be made to fit your location or space perfectly.  Some have "sample dimensions" listed for reference, but can have any piece built to your measurements to fit your room and size requirements.


Custom Orders take 6 to 10 weeks or longer, depending on prior work orders, peak or off seasonal fluctuations.  Hand carved, hand crafted, Durable and built to last generations


Don't find what you are looking for?  Bring us your ideas, and we'll build it for you. You may send information and to us at info@perfectfurnishings4u.com

About Custom Furniture:

The furniture we make is excellent quality, made with solid wood. Every aspect of its design and construction is carefully considered so that the finished product will provide lasting quality and pleasure for many generations. No shortcuts are taken in the choice of materials or the methods of construction. Every piece is individually made permitting special attention to the finer details often overlooked in larger production crafting. The wood is carefully selected for optimal grain and color match throughout the piece.  


The joinery used is, in every case, the best possible. Table legs and aprons are joined with glued and pinned mortise and tenon joints. Carefully fitted dovetails are used for drawers and case pieces. Drawer sides, backs, bottoms and the frames they slide on are made with top quality gliders.

Wood movement is carefully considered when a piece is built. Wide surfaces, such as table tops, are fastened to supporting members in a manner that will allow them to shrink and expand as the change of seasons dictates.

All surfaces are finished equally on both sides so that changes in humidity will not warp them.

Drawers and doors made during the dry winter months are given extra clearance so they will not bind when the wood swells from the summer humidity.


Prior to finishing, all surfaces (even those not easily seen), are painstakingly sanded until they are soft to the touch.


Each piece we build is durable and built to last. All carving is done by hand with hand tools. Each piece is a quality, lovely work of art that will last for years to come. I know you will love the craftsmanship and care that goes into each and everything we build.

To start a custom furniture order, this is what we need to know:

What Style or design?

What are the Dimensions?:  Give us the details of size you need!                                    

Choose from kiln dried wood or reclaimed aged wood 

(not all these woods may be available at any given time)

  1. Oak (hardwood, more expensive, heavier) (choose with or without knots) Best for simple, plain designs, not well suited for  intricate carving.

  2. Walnut (hardwood)

  3. Maple (hardwood, more expensive, heavier) Best for simple, plain designs, not intricate carving.

  4. Alder (clear Alder)  Medium Hardwood. Midrange price, good quality and durability. Hardwood, but yet soft enough for hand carving. Carves and stains beautifully. It stains well and can imitate harder woods when stained.

  5. Knotty Alder is less expensive than clear alder. It gives a natural rustic look, good for tables and large pieces. It stains well and will look and wear like a higher priced wood.

  6. Pine (softwood in various grades, either knotty or clear)

        Sugar Pine: Soft, durable wood in clear or knotty

        Ponderosa Pine: Both soft and hard Ponderosa Pines to choose from. 

Pick your stain color:    Stain Chart provided for reference

Finish and Texture

Added Distress: (Old world effect with sanding)

Include any special designs such as: 

Engraving, carving, nailhead accents or "clavos", hand-forged iron accents, drawers, pocket doors, Fold-under table leaves, TV raise-low lift etc.

Ship-to ZIP Code:  

We need your City and Zip Code. Please indicate if it is residential or a commercial address, and whether or not you will need a liftgate for unloading.

**Email us your specs and we'll price it for you  


call 505.503.7276  for questions

**Please include the following information as described above:

  1. Style#, photo

  2. Dimensions: Height, Width, Depth

  3. Choice of Wood or woods

  4. Level of Finish (Distress)

  5. Stain

  6. Special features added or changed

  7. Zip Code and city: please specify if commercial or residential

Once we receive your design specifications, then we can start the quotation process.  Custom work takes about 6 to 10 weeks, (maybe more at busy times) to complete, as it is hand made and other orders are being built as well.  We cannot guarantee exact shipping date.  So it is imperative to start the process as soon as you can to ensure completion by the time you need the piece.  Once we receive your down payment of 50%, your order is set into the queue of orders to be worked on. As your order is underway, I will email you photos for you to view. Once it is complete, you will receive photos of the completed pieces, and we will be ready to ship (upon final payment).

Once your order is in, we will require 50% down of the total price. Upon completion, you will pay the remaining 50% and any remaining shipping/packing charges. 

We will procure a quote for packing and shipping which will be estimated prior to the order.  Freight & packing quotes are good for 30 days. They may change by the time your order is ready to ship, depending on season and gasoline prices.  Shipping & packing can be generally estimated to be about 30% of the total order price. Freight tends to be "cheaper by the dozen", so the more pieces you order, the less they will cost per piece to ship, (than if you order only one piece).  

Shipping prices include:

Packing, Shipping: (3 to 5-7day delivery (depending on where it is being delivered), insurance to value, and if necessary, residential delivery and liftgate.)  Local regional shipping is often one day to two days. Each furniture order will be securely packed. We search for best shipping rates and carriers. 

We will verify with you all dimensions and specifications prior to down payment. We will send you all specs with dimensions, any necessary drawings or photos and an agreement. You can mark any changes at this time. Once we have approval on all items from you with signatures on each one, then we can accept payment of 50% down to start the project.  If there are any further changes, after all dimensions and specs are approved, there may be an additional charge for changes, depending on the nature of the change. Upon completion, you will pay the remaining 50% and remaining shipping. 

Please note that each piece will change in proportion to dimension changes and construction methods, as we build sturdy Spanish and southwestern style furniture. Bear in mind that each piece is hand-made and is subject to the interpretation and recommendation of the builder for strength, proper proportion and artistic interpretation of the carver, and may not look exactly like a provided photo, but will be a close replication.

We accept PayPal, Business or Personal Check or Cashiers Check/Money Order. If you pay by Business or Personal check, we will wait until the check has cleared, before we can proceed with your order.


Hand selected wood and materials:

Custom furniture is made from high quality kiln dried solid woods and aged wood.  Our products have passed through a strict and thorough quality control process, starting from the raw material which is of selected grades, the uniformity of product shapes and sizes, stainless and brass-made components to the actual construction of every product. Each piece is durable and  built to last a life time of enjoyment. All carving is done by hand with hand tools with old world techniques. Each piece is a handcrafted work of art.

Most custom orders take approximately 6-10 weeks to complete. Large orders will take longer. Completion times may vary in peak seasonal times or to prior work orders.



All Furniture is packed and crated prior to shipping.  Each shipment is insured to the full value of the order. We search for best shipping rates and carriers.  Shipping rates vary, we will reconfirm at time of shipping.  

Rugs Shipped Fed Ex or UPS, fully insured to value.

*   Shipping charges will be added to orders.

*   New Mexico businesses must provide current NTTC for wholesale orders. Otherwise New Mexico Gross Receipts tax will be added to New Mexico orders.

*  Qualifying quantity discounts are available.

We Accept Visa & MasterCard and Secure Pay Pal Payment System


   Custom Furniture has been discontinued      

Questions? call us:  (505) 503.7276 



"Wendy, the furniture arrived and everything looks perfect!  I love it! Please thank the artist for me.  I love the results."   Judith P.

"Hi Wendy, The chairs arrived and they are here intact. I love their size and construction. The builder is indeed is a great craftsman. I especially love the finish and streaking. Perhaps I will order a matching table someday. I will keep all my contact info. So thank you again for the excellent product and friendly service."  Joe in New Jersey  



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