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Bringing you Rugs and Decor Uniquely Suited to Your Style

Quality, Style and Harmony from the desert Southwest

Welcome to the Perfect Furnishings 4U website.  As a *Feng Shui consultant, I offer you expertise to help you create an atmosphere of comfort, harmony and richness for your home and business endeavors. 


View a wide range of furniture styles to get ideas from. Chose from our selection of rug styles or you may also have custom rugs woven for you with your dimensions.

*Please note that Feng shui consultations are a separate service from rug orders, and are not included with your rug order. Arrangements can be made upon delivery if needed to assist with placement of rug and furnishings.

With beauty before me may I walk.
With beauty behind me may I walk.
With beauty below me may I walk.
With beauty above me may I walk.
With beauty all around me may I walk.

In old age wandering on a trail of beauty, lively, may I walk.
In old age wandering on a trail of beauty,
living again, may I walk.
My words will be beautiful.

- Navajo Prayer



Bring Beauty and Harmony to your home with quality hand crafted rugs that will last generations.



Wendy Bodin

Luminary Expressions Decor and Feng Shui

(505) 503.7276

Rug Information:

All our rugs are hand made and unique. Most of the rugs are one-of-a-kind. They take time to weave or hand knot and are not made in multiple quantities in any given size. They are however made in standard sizes and can be pre-ordered in the size you need or can be ordered in custom sizes. Custom orders, design changes etc. will incure an additional fee plus expedited international air charge (if needed). These rugs are imported from Pakistan, India or Afghanistan. These rugs are not made by any Native American Tribe.

The Pakistan and Afghanistan rugs are made with natural (not dyed) shades of sheep wools which will vary from rug to rug and batch to batch. The dyes are hand dyed with colorfast dyes so NO BLEEDING! Since they are hand dyed, shades and tones will vary from rug to rug and dye batch to dye batch.

Ordering Information:


Rugs Shipped Fed Ex or UPS, fully insured to value.

*   Shipping charges will be added to orders.

We Accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express through the Secure Pay Pal Payment System



Ordering information; please contact      

(505) 503.7276      


Feng Shui and Prosperity Blessings for Home and Business

Welcome in the flow of Harmony & Prosperity with:

Divine Flow Feng Shui

Compassionate Heart House and Business Blessings

Wendy offers Feng Shui and Business and Home Blessings. She is a Divine Flow Feng Shui practitioner, Ordained Universal Life Minister, an intuitive healer and fine artist. She brings her unique skills to help you facilitate and create a flow of peace, harmony, prosperity within your home through feng shui assessments. Ask for more information about feng shui and blessings for your home.

Contact Wendy (505) 503.7276  and please visit our other website for more information:   (505) 503.7276  Luminary Divine Flow Feng Shui

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